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5 Factors to Choosing the Right Web Hosting Service Provider

July 26, 2016 Hosting
Making your website accessible via the World Wide Web can be both competitive and risky, and choosing the right web hosting service provider is invaluable to your web development endeavors. As the future of the entire business is clearly a concern, it inevitably includes the responsibility of eliminating every potential hurdle or at best, overcome any unfavorable situation with strategic planning.   Noting all that, it’s not your sole predisposition to succumb to all of the challenges. There should be apt solutions like web hosting services that can work side by side with you in generating tools and other significant processes for you. On the other hand, if you already have a provider but still seem to be struggling, you might have missed the qualifications or factors that the provider should have to meet all your needs. To help you with that, here are 5 factors of the many that make a web hosting service just right for you!  

The price

It’s very common to base your decision to buy something or not on price. However, web hosting service is one area where you have to weigh the price and the quality of service it markets. For example, a cut-price provider may have the tools you need but is actually limited in realizing your aspirations and not adaptable to future improvements. Simply put, you can’t expect a cheap web hosting service provider to offer you high-quality hardware or server resources to cater to your websites huge traffic. Price is a powerful factor but it’s not equivalent to what’s truly at stake – your business, future, and reputation. Hence, a cheap web hosting provider may cut costs but the service it provides may be less than ideal and cause detrimental harm to your business. Always weigh the balance between price and your website’s requirements. Reference(s): HostMonk – Comparison of Hosting provider within your budget HostMonk   Top10BestWebsiteHosting – Another comparison filtered by Money Back Guarantee, Dedicated, Sustainable Energy, WordPress Recommended and Free Advertising Credits. top10bestwebsitehosting    

Specializations and limitations

The specializations and limitations of a web hosting service are also vital factors in determining whether your needs can be met or not. There are web hosting services that provide either or all tools about collective data centres, profitable resources, rich file type readers and size storages, and energy-saving features. However, you have to assess if these services are actually relevant for startups or developed sites and if it can address your needs as a customer. If you see one that offers something you need or one with many features, these can be good indicators that you should look into when partnering that company. Also, there are bound to be some form of limitation with any web hosting service provider. It is critical that these limitations do not hinder your scheme of things. Some limitations can include, the number of email accounts each plan provides and in the case of shared hosting, the amount of bandwidth you’re allocated to. If you are still choosing with your list of hosting provider prospects, try monitoring their uptime scores: WHSR – This tool will show you the uptime score of the Providers, starting the time you added them. WHSR-Monitored-Sites  

Technical support

Another irrevocable factor is how concern your web hosting service is with your support needs. Your needs may not come all at once but they can recur and develop more problems in the future. In this case, you must find out how convenient the services are, especially on the grounds of time and ability to backup. Questions like,
  • Are they open 24/7 and during holidays?
  • Are they fast enough to back up data when something terrible comes up on the website at any moment?
  • How can they be contacted (e.g. Email, telephone, website)?
  • How do they usually respond to unexpected errors and inefficiency?
  • How do they communicate with other  engineers and customers, across departments, teams, and other companies in order to make things done even when procedures get in the way.
In this aspect, you have to know how willing the provider is in attending to your concerns. Do they prioritize you as much as they did when you were still in negotiations? Then and there will you realize that you’re not their only client and the tech support might be questionable in the long run. It’s better to know how it all works as early as now.

Customer reviews

Before opting for a hosting service, check how others rate them. The way they deal with others will be your experience after the sugar-coated marketing and will help you know if a provider is committed and reliable to implement your core values such as business growth, customer satisfaction, tool innovation and a lot more. Research about them and assess their journey in the industry and see if there’s any significant move they have taken in advancing their technology through the years. On the other hand, do not box the provider but give them the opportunity to prove themselves. In WhReviews article Why Read Web Hosting Reviews, they stated these reasons:
  • Learn the Truth About Cost of Service
  • Make Yourself Familiar with Features and Services
  • Find Out if Support is up to Par
  • Assess Reliability
If you have the list of hosting provider then you can check out their reviews in WhReviews by searching the specific provider.


Want to read reviews submitted by users themselves? Web Hosting Jury has over 7000 Hosting User Reviews.


Email features

The fifth feature pertains to email. Since you’re already on the web, note how you can reach potential individuals and vice versa. Along the way, you might want to create email addresses with your own domain so you can direct emails to your active email address – it would be so unfortunate if your provider doesn’t know how to do that. Furthermore, check if there are spam solutions and other developed mailing strategies like autoresponders and retrievals that can lessen complexities in the process. In this way, you save time for yourself and create a more responsive environment between you and your clients.

  Above are the five factors you have to consider in choosing the right web hosting service provider your website truly deserves. Just a piece of unsolicited advice, choose where you can grow without compromising your expectations and aspirations. As Nelson Mandela puts it, “It always seems impossible until it’s done”. There are no perfect web hosting service providers, but only those that challenge the impossible and then seeing it all fall into the right places later. So, never disregard these factors until you find one that stands out, meeting all your needs. Get the provider you deserve and reap the benefits in the long, long run.

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