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5 Content Marketing Mistakes Affecting your Brand

August 9, 2016 Marketing
In the world of business, content marketing plays a vital role in growing a company. Some people would claim that content marketing is similar to advertising. Yes, that would be agreeable but they happen to differ in one aspect which severely lies on “value”. Content marketing strives to distribute contents that are valuable to the audiences. Something that has quality and clarity which gives an explanation of the solutions that the company provides; and, how the consumers can avail the services. In lieu of the content marketing goals are the probable mistakes your company might or have encountered that, in a way, have affected the brand’s image. Five of which are the following:  

You direct your attention to quantity but not on quality

quantityquality1   This mistake is quite common since the importance of quality is at times overlooked. If you’d ask what consists quality? Choose to include content that contributes to your credibility, raises your encounters to audiences, promotes leadership, and adheres to Google’s perception of a helpful and high SEO rank worth of the article. After laying out your quality, justifying that it’s all going to be worth it, then your quantity can follow.    

You are isolated in a blog post format

Visual-learners In the process of content marketing, you cannot just distribute the value of your brand by using the same format where visitors only see texts without any videos, images or other non-text inclusions. Based on a research, 65% among all people are visual learners, 30% are aural while 5% are kinesthetic. Hence, you’ll get a whole lot of loss when you stick with the text-only format because this will bring less interest to many visitors. Why not try putting in some videos and images on your page to make it more catchy and content-packed?    

Lacking purpose

Imprimir There has to be a purpose. Whether you want to get higher sales, grow subscriptions or lead among all competitors, the choice is yours. Always note that the purpose of your site is the life of your business, helping the marketing content be more worth reading and reputation building. Without a purpose, the brand will not sell at all. And here’s a tip, you’ll know that your purpose exists has been laid when you feel the reason your brand exists.    

You are not doing the right marketing

  right-marketing Do you think you are marketing well? Make sure you are just not too engrossed in creating your content that you forget about the right marketing process. Should you fall into this circumstance, your product will be flouted regardless of how creative and informative your content is. Remember the basics like being SEO-friendly and the idea of ads.  

You just tell your audience about your product and nothing more

online-shop This problem is funny because, in some cases, the content marketing process only gives the audience what is needed to know about the brand. That’s undeniably correct but what’s off beam here is the lack of information about the buying process. Always bear in mind the possibility of visitors choosing your brand. Hence, include instructions on how to buy your product and make it clear and easy to follow.   In some cases, brands only provide content that is related to the products or services that the businesses are offering. In a way, providing such content will assist in generating higher interest for your offerings, but maybe only for a short period of time. Imagine receiving content update related to the same product over time; it is sure that your readers’ attention lifespan or interest in your content will dip. Remember to include content that provides high value to your customers, while making sure that you can link it back to your services.    Also, communicating with your customers is essential. Remember, you are not only promoting your service; you also want your customers to feel that they are important and you care about them.   Content marketing is a very confusing process, it works alongside with multitasking. You need to look at all the angles of the process such as the content making, marketing procedures, and goals in order to make it valuable to the eyes of the audience. However, the awareness of these mistakes will surely help you straighten up the lapses in your business and move forward, this time, more intelligently!    

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