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16 Must-Use Tools for Content Writing

August 1, 2016 Marketing
Creating high-quality content is not a walk in the park; it takes quality time and effort from the content team to create a significant piece of article. While other parts of business and marketing are enhancing more automated, content creation is still a solid manual job. It demands so much time and you will have to be as efficient as possible. That being said, there are many tools to make content creation much easier. Tools may not solve everything yet they will get you started on the right path. Most of the marketers utilize content marketing tools in their content workflow. Below is the list of fantastic tools and resources to help you research, draft, edit, and design content more easily, regardless if you are a solo content marketer or work in a team.    

For Researching


1. Google Drive Research Tool

The research tool lets you execute research simultaneously as you are writing or editing your document. From a single platform, you can search many Google-linked services; including scholar, images, quotes, dictionary. The great thing about this Research tool is that it allows you to effortlessly insert citations and links to your document. When you find a web link that you want to add to your document, hover your mouse hand on the link and then click on “insert link” and it will automatically be displayed in the area where you want it to be.   Google-Drive-Research-Tool  

2. Headline Analyzer

This analyzer will indicate the scale of your headline structure, grammar, and readability. It will also give you power words, character and word count with Google search preview and email subject line. It gives you a good idea of how a content subject would be like, and allows you to experiment and compare different headlines and their potential impact. This is done through a scoring system for your subject title. Check out how the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer works.  

 3. Content Ideator

Having a writer’s block? Then this tool will help you come up with your headlines and content ideas! Enter your noun of choice, and it will give you all the results related to your keyword. You can see up to 90 pages worth of topics depending on your search.   Content-Ideator    

For Writing


4. ZenPen

An online free minimalist writing environment, ZenPen is easy to use. Type your text in the box, and save it in plain text, HTML, markdown text or copy and paste to an offline text editor. The foremost advantage of using this tool is that it is free of distractions. All you can really do is write, which is great when you get the momentum for content creation.  

5. Help Me Write

This is a unique platform to assist you in identifying topics your readers would like to read. You plunge an idea on the site, share it on Twitter or Facebook and invite others to share you what they think, and if they would read it.  

6. Word2CleanHTML

A converter tool for documents produced by Microsoft Word and other similar office software. It strips out invalid property tags, leaving clean HTML behind for use in web pages and ebooks.    

For Editing


7. Grammarly

Need to make sure your work is error free? Grammarly can help you achieve that with ease. It is an in-depth spell and grammar checker that corrects your work as you go. It also has a free extension for Chrome or Firefox. You can also use the site or application for free, but it’s premium version allows for greater benefits . This online tool may not be foolproof, but it can detect over 250 types of mistakes and will explain to you on where you went wrong!   grammarly-sample    

8. Hemingway

Writing styles differ, but in most cases, a direct mode of expression works best for most readers. Hemingway online editor makes your writing better! By identifying grammatical and spelling errors. It also gives you hints on where you need to shorten or split a sentence or if it is hard to read. Minimizing the use of adverbs and identifies your passive voice usage. Below is a sample of  the results in the Editor.   hemingway-sample    

9. Plagiarism Checker

This plagiarism checker lets you examine your content carefully and so as the world wide web. It will detect common phrases that were copied from the internet. The result will show in red if it already exists online and will not pass Google Plagiarism tests. These results will also link to the original source. It is best that you check your content first, because if your content is not unique there is a significant risk of being blacklisted by Google or other search engines.      

10. Readability Test Tool

Want to enhance your writing? This tool will measure and improve the readability and marketing content of your writing by giving your scores with algorithms and statistics.   Readability-score-sample  

For Designing


11. Nimbus Screenshots

It captures Web page and edits screenshots. You can also record a video of your browser, Best for video tutorial making. Nimbus gave you a lot of options on where you want to place your screenshots. It could be the visible part of the page, capture fragments, selected area, selected & scroll. Or even the entire page, browser window, and a blank screen.  

12. Canva

Learning design or getting inspiration to create infographics from scratch can be tough.  Canva offers a large library of pre-made templates and assets that you can use, and also adding your own imagery. There are lots of templates, elements and background images that you can use to make an awesome infographic!    


It is a free subscription and they will send you 10 photos every 10 days, These photos have no copyrights so you can use them however you want.  

14. Image color picker

If you want to get the hex of a specific image pixel, then this tool is the best! Just upload the desired image and then hover over to the color you like!  

15. Chrome Eye Dropper

A free plug- in for Google Chrome that allows you to get the HEX color code for any color on a web page and is saved in your History.  

16. Thing link

Ever wanted to make your image or infographic clickable? This tool lets you upload an image or videos and add little icons to it that appear when a person hover their cursor over the image.   Need a website for your blog? Get hosting plans for us for us low as $7/month!

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