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Best Places to Learn WordPress from Scratch

August 30, 2016 WordPress Help
The internet has truly transformed the way we live our lives unlike probably any other technology. The World Wide Web connects us all around the world and it’s never been easier to build a presence online with your individual or business impart, thanks to WordPress. Just 15 years ago building a site would’ve taken an individual with a lot of technical knowledge. And the advantage of WordPress comes from saving you from all the technical aspects while you can concentrate on producing great quality content. Here are the best websites that will assist you to learn how to manage WordPress. There are both free and paid options represented on this list. It also involves a number of video-based suggestions for people who learn best visually and even books for those of you who are more tactile learners.  
  1. Official WordPress Lessons/Codex  (free)

  A good starting point for studying to use WordPress is to use the resources offered on the official site. These lessons go over all the fundamentals including learning the jargons, creating pages and menus, making posts, using multimedia features, designing, themes development and plugins.  
  1.  WPBeginner (free)

  One of the best places to start learning WordPress is to check out their videos for the dashboard, adding images, videos, audio, etc. guide. If you come across terminologies that you don’t understand, the site features a glossary of terms that are frequently confusing to new WordPress users. Explore their Beginners Guide which is loaded with useful information. It also features plug-ins that are compatible with WordPress sites, and coupons that offer discounts on themes.  
  1.  Team Treehouse (Paid)

  A subscription-based service that offers a free 7 days trial. The site features access to over a thousand videos that concentrate on various topics, called as tracks. One of these includes WordPress training. The lessons are easily digestible, once the courses in the track are complete, a user has all the information necessary to master WordPress.    
  1. Lynda  (Paid)

  lynda-wordpress-video-tutorial   The site offers online courses on thousands of various topics, and their courses include WordPress training. Members get access to all courses, and the site offers a free trial membership. WordPress Courses series from beginner tutorials to intermediate and advanced classes. Subjects cover a wide range of topics covering web development, design, business, marketing, and photography. Instructions are self-paced, and website and video courses make learning interesting. If you have LinkedIn Premium you can have Team Treehouse for free!  
  1. WP Apprentice (Paid)

WPapprentice-sample   Just like WPBeginner, this site is a WordPress helper that use videos to teach lessons on individual topics and promises a basic understanding within an hour. The site features an in-depth training library that enables users to explore individual topics at their convenience while offering fundamental overviews that help users get started immediately. Their goal is to encourage beginning users to waste no time in making a feature-filled WordPress site up and running. It clears up a lot of confusion that beginners struggle with by offering easy but detailed, explanations that make building a new customized site easy.  
  1. Tuts Plus (Paid)

  The site features How-To tutorials, Courses, and eBooks. They are offering a 10-day free trial to obtain full course with video tutorials. All their courses use best practices and standards so that students know they’re getting the highest quality training. Having the basic account will let the user access 5 eBooks by simply subscribing and access to more than 880 video courses, all downloadable.  
  1. Udemy (Paid)

  udemy-sample   It is an online training academy that offers free WordPress courses and hundreds of others. In addition to thousands of other classes, it offers hundreds of WordPress courses on numerous related topics. Many of these come with quizzes to examine learning. Courses range the difficulty from beginning level to intermediate and advanced. These classes provide comprehensive instructions that become a part of the student’s permanent digital library, so they can be used for reference again.    
  1. WP101 (Paid)

  WP101-sample   This site uses premium video tutorials and claims to be “the fastest way to learn WordPress.” The site assures that users will understand the basics in the first hour. It also extends personalized help and answers to users’ questions. The video teachings can be viewed using any device, and videos are posted again each time WordPress releases an update so that the content always stays current. The service does cost money, and users have the option of paying upfront or funding a monthly subscription fee.       Wanted to start an affordable WordPress website? Try our SingHost Standard package for as low as S$7/month. We provide a simple application for you to install WordPress in just a few clicks! No setup fees with instant activation! Feel free to contact us at for more details.

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